Dir. Alison Chernick | 80 min
Documentary Israel / United States 2017 English

Tuesday, March 67:30 PM Edlavitch DCJCC

Alison Chernick’s Itzhak showcases the life and music of Itzhak Perlman, widely considered one of the world’s greatest living violinists.

If there’s a musician who perfectly personifies the resilience, vision and ultimately the contribution of the Jewish people, it’s Itzhak Perlman. Through the man and his music, witness a riveting story of survival and dogged determination.

Trace the path of the Jewish people from the chaos of Europe to the promise of Israel, and experience how humor and talent combine with discipline and drive in this most special of artists. Following his steps from a prodigiously talented boyhood through to today, Itzak offers a glimpse of the virtuoso’s private life, his performance and teaching abilities, and his indomitable spirit.


  • Good music and good company make "Itzhak" a pleasureVariety
  • Long before the film is over, you'll have come to adore both Perlman and his wife Toby, whose love and devotion to her husband shine through every moment she's onscreen.The Hollywood Reporter


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