Dir. Asaf Galay and Shaul Betser (72min, Israel, 2014)
Mid-Atlantic Premiere

Many books, biographies and articles have been written about the life and work of Isaac Bashevis Singer (Nobel Prize winner in Literature, best known for his story Yentl).

This film uncovers a previously unknown and eccentric chapter in his life: in the mid 1960s, Bashevis Singer established an army of female translators – more than 40 women – who helped spread his work. He chose these translators carefully, was inspired by their presence, and often fell in love with them. Nine of the women who were intimately familiar with the man and his work are still here, and theirs are the only voices heard in the film.

Co-presented by The Documentary Center at GWU and Adas Israel Sisterhood.

Sunday, February 22, 1:00 pm
AFI Silver Theatre
8633 Colesville Road
Silver Spring, MD


Tuesday, February 24, 6:30 pm
1529 16th Street NW
Washington, DC

Speaker & Events
Director Asaf Galay in conversation following the Sunday, February 22 screening.

Evelyn Torton Beck will give an introduction to the film during the Tuesday, February 24 screening.

Shaul-BetserShaul Betser is a well known director of cultural series programs Documentary in IBA and Channel 2. He was also founder of the video channel’s website Nana-NetVision. He has BFA from the department of film and television at Tel Aviv University.



Asaf-GalayAsaf Galay has been director and content editor for many historical documentaries and museum exhibits. Among other projects, he worked with Modi Bar-On and Anat Zeltzer on many projects like: The Jewish State, and Tel Aviv-Yaffo. In addition, Asaf is pursuing his doctorate studies in Hebrew Literature at Bar Ilan University.