Dir. Nissim Dayan (108min, Israel, 2014)
Judeo-Arabic and Hebrew with English Subtitles
Mid-Atlantic Premiere

Based on the autobiographical blockbuster novel by Eli Amir, this sweeping epic recalls a lost and cherished time when over 125,000 Jews lived in Iraq. We follow the teenage Kabi as he navigates the final years of the community’s existence in Iraq, before its expulsion and resettlement to 1950s Israel. When his uncle Hizkel is imprisoned, Kabi sets off to find him, joining the Zionist underground movement. The film beautifully illustrates the complex existence of the Jewish community in Iraq, which had strong ties to the surrounding Muslim world and Arabic culture, yet simultaneously feared for its safety.

Co-presented by Israel Action Center at the JCRC of Greater Washington.

Wednesday, February 25, 7:30 pm
JCC of Greater Washington (Rockville)
6125 Montrose Road
Rockville, MD


Saturday, February 28, 9:00 pm
AFI Silver Theatre
8633 Colesville Road
Silver Spring, MD

Speaker & Events
Edwin Shuker, Vice-President of the European Jewish Congress, will lead a discussion after both screenings.

Born in Baghdad in 1955, Shuker lived the early part of his life under the shadow of fear and persecution until escaping the country with his family in 1971. Edwin will review The Dove Flyer and the period it covers within the context of an uninterrupted diaspora of the Jewish community in Iraq that stretched for 2600 years. As a regular visitor to Iraq and the Middle East, Shuker will share an up-to-date eye witness testimony and assessment.

Shuker is a London-based international businessman with a wide range of educational, communal and philanthropic involvement and is Vice President of the European Jewish Congress.

Nissim Dayan was born in 1946 in Tel Aviv, Palestine (now Israel). He is a director and writer, known for Farewell Baghdad, Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi and Or Min Hahefker.
The Dove Flyer isn’t just a history lesson; it’s an overdue declaration of independence.” –Fathom Journal