My-Favorite-Neocon-websiteDir. Yael Luttwak (My Favorite Neoconservative: 39min, USA, 2014)
(Alex’s Letters, a work-in-progress: 25 min, USA, 2015)
East Coast Premiere

My Favorite Neoconservative offers a personal insight into the surreal power circles of Washington, DC. The filmmaker’s eccentric father, Edward Luttwak, is a prominent conservative – and architect of the air campaign of the first Iraq war – who makes his living as a military strategist. Raised in a Chevy Chase house overrun by her father’s associates, Yael Luttwak watched Paul Wolfowitz, Michael Ledeen and Richard Perle walk the halls of her childhood home. With unique access, the film reveals the personalities behind the headlines and tells a father-daughter story with a sardonic political twist.

Preceded by a work-in-progress screening of Yael Luttwak’s Alex’s Letters, based on the book Alex: Building a Life, the story of Alex Singer, a 25-year-old American who died while serving in the Israel Defense Forces.

Co-presented by The Documentary Center at GWU.

Sunday, March 1, 3:15 pm
1529 16th Street NW
Washington, DC

Speaker & Events
Director Yael Luttwak and film subject Edward Luttwak in conversation following the screening.
Yael-LuttwakYael Luttwak is a Washington, DC based filmmaker. She is the founder of Slim Peace Groups, a non-profit organization that emerged from her documentary film, A Slim Peace, portraying the drama of Israeli and Palestinian women in a weight-loss cohort involving Jews, Muslims, and Christian Arabs.

A Slim Peace premiered at the Tribeca Film festival in 2007 and was broadcast worldwide and on the Sundance Channel in the US.